"An associate of mine pointed me to your site. I must say I was more than impressed! Inspired is more like it. I make my living as a web developer, and I have experience developing sites with Flash, but I have never seen such smooth animations and incredible imagination. Great work!"

Byron Purvis
Present Future Interactive

"I absolutely love your web site. I read about your firm in HOW (as a dog lover, I appreciate the policy about bringing your pets to work). I notice that you have a CD-ROM and I was wondering if you could send me a copy. We are always looking for good multimedia companies to use for some of our client's promotions."

Jerry McGaghey
SMA Promotions, Inc.

"Very impressed by your website. My goal for the future is to work for a company like yours! I will continue to check back with you to see more quality work."

Shannon Lynch
Laux Agency

"I had no idea the bar had been raised so high in web design."

Todd Stimpson
Stimpson Design Group

"Incredible. Visiting your site for over an hour was humbling indeed. Iam a pre-dental student who flirts with web design in my spare time and has created a couple of sites. I thought I had discovered the world when I coded my first rollovers. Then I came to see this site. At once, I was inspired at the seamless beauty of your site and then reminded of the sobering reality that gems like this are reserved for a few gifted gurus somewhere in cyberspace. Sort of like Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, in particular the Fourth Movement. I am still having trouble figuring out how your team has integrated an inspiring artistic ambiance with commerce. This stuff should be in a museum. Congrats."

Todd Walls
Ohio State University

"Really cool web site. As I was playing with the "machine" on your front page, I realized that *this picture* is a perfect place to add force feedback to this web site. Imagine playing with the pinwheel and feeling it pull your hand around... Very cool. Anyway, I work for Immersion, and we develop force feedback technology. It just seems *really* applicable to a cool site like this. Check out www.feeltheweb.com for more info on the web, force feedback, and the new force feedback mouse from Logitech that's coming out this September. I'm not sure if flash supports feel, but web pages this cool should have force effects in them!"

Stephanie Ozenne
Immersion Corp.

"I like it sooo much, its so cool, silent, clear, without too much around and within. I would really like to come there one day, and find my own way to create sites, that leave all others behind. I also really would like to fill out your employment form, but I'm not good enough now, and too far away, but what means distance in the www?"

Monika Daschuetz in Austria

"Sensuous Site... it touches me enough to meander amongst it for a long while.... and now to say gidday. You have this flash site surfers avid attention."

Chow Hill Architects in New Zealand

"Just congrats on a terrific flash design. The site is great and looks very good. Congrats again."

Arni Gunnar
Vísir.is in Iceland

"Amazing and beautiful site. I am in awe and just wanted to thank you for the visual candy."

Michelle Asp

"I came upon your site through Macromedia's 'Site of the Day.' Talk about compelling! I LOVE the incredible amount of creativity and functionality you built into the site... I just can't praise your work enough!"

Todd Ketterer
Mazda North American Operations

"I saw your site on macromedia and wanted to congrat you guys on a job well done. Top notch sophistication."

Dane Troup

"A friend recommended I check out your site (tidg.com). I am embarking on a new career (Public Relations/Web Mgmt). Your site is phenomenal. Let me say it again... PHENOMENAL. I am no expert in this are, but I know what I like! I'm truly impress and wish you and your firm much success."

Nakesha Kemp
Anderson Consulting

"I found your site through the October '99 issue of How magazine. I work for a company called styleclick.com and although my day to day work is very reminiscent of an assembly line, I was trained as a graphic designer, and I love viewing good design. A few of my fellow employees and myself have beensearching out good flash sites lately, and yours is easily the best I've seen. I only wish I lived closer to Virginia. I would envision a very fun, creative work environment from a company with your type of site. Enjoyed the ride."

Kent Chilton

"The design is very contemporary without being overly heavy handed (just heavy handed enough I guess!). It is very obvious you guys are techoriented - you wear it on your sleeves. The use of all the macromedia bells and whistles is kewl and over all I got a good sense of who you guys are - nice job!!"

Stephen N. Berner
The Chameleon Group